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The entire System Integration Server system is administered via a web browser. There is no need for IT administrators to install special software on agent workstations. Administrators can view and modify call routing and screen pops in seconds, from any PC.  Just open a Web Browser and start working. The System Integration Server provides a complete environment for Call Center Optimization including integrated, graphical: Screen Pop Administration, Real Time Utilization Graphs, Device Administration, and Log Viewers

  This screen shows the administration of a basic screen pop.  Once a call arrives, the flow begins. In this example, everything within the lavender box is executed on the client workstation. Within the box, you would administer CRM application communication via DDE, OLE, TCP/IP Sockets. Multiple applications can be screen popped without having to write custom code on the client desktop. Simply add the appropriate step objects and publish the workflow. The client workstations don't even need to be restarted - they simply start receiving the new pops. It is possible to generate screen pops into a fully server side application whereby no software or ini files need be installed on the individual client workstations. Now you can throw out that expensive, Administrator unfriendly architecture and embrace thin-client for your CTI solution as well. 
  Using the Whitefeld System Integration Server Admin tool, Administrators can view live Queue Bar Graphs indicating the number of agents available, busy, and the number of calls on hold waiting to be serviced.
  Similar to Agent Queue Statistics, Administrators can also view Real Time Trunk utilization in the System Integration Server's Admin tool.
This screen shows the administration application for configuring devices.  All devices in the system are collecting data about activity regardless of whether someone is receiving a screenpop.  Devices reconnect automatically if the connection between the PBX and Telephony Server is lost for a time.  You can view at a glance whether the script is operating correctly. A green light in the main window means a station is working; a yellow light means there are errors; and a red light means the station is not currently running.
This screen shows an activity log for a screenpop workflow. With a simple click, you can see whether a particular user has been getting screenpops, what data is associated with the call, and what steps were executed during the screenpop.
  Integrated Reporting
Integrated Reporting
  This screen demonstrates the System Integration Server's built in reporting tool. Using SQL server 2005 one can generate various reports such as this Call History.

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