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Features and Benefits
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The System Integration Server has many Features and Benefits including:

  • Web based administration - There is no need for administrators to install special software on their desktops to administer System Integration Server. Administration is done through the local Intranet.  There are no controls, neither Java nor ActiveX, to install.
  • Real-time Data access - System Integration Server integrates data from many different data sources including databases, Corporate Intranets, the Internet, Host Systems allowing agents and the phone switch access to important information required to best do its job.
  • Preview Dialing  -  Add dialing capabilities to your application quickly and easily with the system integration server web call. 
  • Maximize Agent Productivity - System Integration Server improves both the quality of the customer contact experience as well as the quantity.
  • Maximum Flexibility of Solutions - System Integration Server's modular and scriptable design provides the tools necessary to meet your specific business needs and requirements while utilizing existing technology and investment.
  • Voice Data Transfer - System Integration Server allows calls to be transferred between computers while carrying the data with it so the data does not have to be re-entered.  This improves customer relationships and improves agent productivity.
  • eMail Routing  -  The System Integration server routes Microsoft Exchange e-mail and blends them with voice calls to provide the best service levels across multiple media channels.
  • Overridable Softphones  -  The client softphones can be overridden to extend their functionality and add features.  Combine this with the overridable server side applications, you can extend both client and server functionality to provide completely new functionality to your application.
  • Attendant Console  -  The attendant console can be used to show the current status of the phones in the enterprise and to provide quick transfer and conference capabilities.  This application is LDAP aware and provides for fast LDAP directory searches based on Last name, first name, or department.
  • Phone Push  -  Combine Telephony events with the ability to push web pages to IP phones and you get a powerful combination for unique applications.


Which PBX/ACDs are supported?

Energy Companies

Whitefeld has developed a solution specifically for energy companies.



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