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The System Integration Server is the next generation of our successful and award winning XTAPI product. The System Integration Server is an advanced multi-switch client server based Computer Telephony and Integrated Voice Response application. The System Integration Server provides a Workflow driven Screen Pop and Task Routing environment completely administered through an intuitive, browser based interface.

The System Integration Server provides for a fast return on your investment through affordable licensing plans, minimal training requirements, no programming and minimal deployment effort. The flexible licensing options allow you to only purchase the software you need; allowing you to concentrate limited funds on applications and users that will see the largest gains. The intuitive user interface will minimize the amount of training time required for administrators. Creating and troubleshooting graphical workflows is much simpler than when troubleshooting text based rule engines. Because no programming is required to create sophisticated call routing and screen pops, new applications can be deployed in hours rather than weeks. Most complete solutions can be created and deployed in less than two weeks time.

Improve your agent productivity and lower administration costs by implementing Whitefeld's System Integration Server based screen pop solution. CTI screen pops can lower your average handle time, eliminate errors and repetition by automatically retrieving the customer record before the call is answered. Whitefeld Screen Pop solutions are tightly integrated with your desktop application to provide agents with all the tools and information they require to manage the call. In addition to traditional call center based screen pop, you can CTI enable any thin client, web based applications like Corporate Directories and Customer Relationship applications using pre-built integration libraries. Provide both agents and executives with quick dial buttons next to the phone fields on the desktop to allow dialing any number with a single click.

Are your calls routed based on the rich collection of customer information you have today? With Whitefeld's System Integration Server, your company can make intelligent call routing decisions based on your business data. The System Integration Server integrates data about your customers from a variety of sources using the most reliable and extensible data access methods. For example, the System Integration Server lets you:

   Give your best customers or VIPs the extra attention they deserve by intelligently routing them to their preferred agent
   Route high estimated transaction value calls to your best salesman
Direct trouble ticket calls to the last agent handling the case, or the specialist for that product line
Determine customer entitlements and support level up front then use this intelligence to best route the call
    Automatically route at risk customers to your loss prevention group
    Direct trouble ticket calls to the last agent handling the case

Implementing intelligent, data driven call routing, screen pops and Integrated Voice Response have never been easier with the System Integration Server's intuitive, thin client Graphical User Interface. Administrators can view and modify call routing in seconds. There is no programming or installation required. The System Integration Server's Workflow Editor looks familiar with its flowchart style Call Flow diagrams. Quickly create, modify, and deploy advanced Call Flow scenarios by pulling together information from your business data sources - all without programming. Business leaders can make instant changes to routing rules in response to business conditions. There is no need for IT administrators to install special software on supervisor desktops to administer the System Integration Server. All CTI administration is performed through a Web application via your local intranet; allowing administrators access and view the information from any PC. Just open a Web browser start working.

The server side architecture allows for streamlining solution development and deployment. The System Integration Server client dynamically initiates communication with desktop applications using various technologies (OLE, DDE, TCP/IP Sockets, etc.) Because all desktop interactions are created using step objects on the server, there is no custom programming required on the desktop. Administrators can make changes to existing screen pop applications or add additional screen pop applications without programming or an extended rollout period. Publish the workflow, and agents automatically get the updates. In addition to communicating directly with desktop applications, the System Integration Server system can communicate with thin client, server based applications as well. In these cases no Whitefeld software is deployed on the desktops - further minimizing deployment schedules.
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