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Whitefeld provides quality solutions for our clients that exceed their expectations. Our services utilize existing components to help reduce costs and increase reliability of the completed system. Our Project Management ensures that your project is completed on time and within budget while providing for all of the needs of our clients.
Utilizing our existing software components, Whitefeld provides custom CTI applications to meet our clients' specific needs.
Whitefeld offers full Turnkey Implementation of Avaya IP Office solutions. From Needs Discovery to Rack Mounting, Cross Connects, Deployment and Training, Whitefeld can meet your needs.
  The Professional Services organization at Whitefeld is committed to helping our clients maximize their investments in call center technology. Our team of professionals provides expert analysis, recommendations and implementation services for the rapid and effective deployment of Whitefeld solutions.
Whitefeld Offers product and solution support to its customers and distributors. In addition, support and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. 
Whitefeld currently supports a number of CRM applications out of the box.  Contact Whitefeld for a list of these connectors and about developing a connector to your home grown applications. 
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